Monday, September 27, 2010

This Week & Next

Hey all, an update of all that is due by this point is coming soon, but I thought I would try to set this week's activities up for you now:

Monday is easy: bring projects to work on in class, there are several to choose from and none of you are done yet. You should be working on the following:
- Self-portrait / Gridded distortion project in ink (due Wednesday!)
- Your "In the Style of" project - your third artist pairing is due to me by Wednesday, your paper, presentation and art piece (in the media of your choosing, but style of your 3 artists) are all due on Wednesday, October 20th.
- 20 sketches in your sketchbook
- research on internal body part for recreation

Wednesday: Pen & Ink Critique and the beginning of the next sculpture project.

See you in class!

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