Monday, November 29, 2010

Portfolio checklist!

Here is the list of assignment you will need to turn in next Monday, December 6th, 2010 - this is a list that combines sketchbook assignments as well as full critique assignments:

- blind contour feet (dominant & non-dominant hand)
- blind contour hands (dominant and non-dominant hand)
- 2 x blind contour drawings of neighbors (dominant hand)
- In-class contour drawing of still life
- add 5 shades of value to one blind contour neighbor drawing
- 3 x color wheels (1 in each media)
- 20 x different marks in pencil (sketchbook)
- value scale 1 - 10 in HB pencil (sketchbook)
- 16 - 20 fruit/veggie thumbnails, 10 must be in color
- graphite still life on sulfite, 1" border
- 1st cardboard/hot glue organic object structure project (1-day in class)
- Crayon contour fruit, on sulfite, 1" border
- 3 texture value scales in ink, 1-10 (sketchbook)
- 3 - 4 thumbnails of still life for pen + ink still life
- 1/2 sheet of sulfite, pen + ink still life, 1/2" border
- Gridded & distorted self-portrait in ink on sulfite, 1" border
- sketches & Paper sculpture of body part (small - picture only)
- Enlarged and colored cardboard body part (picture only)
- Midterm In-style of project, Paper, and Presentation (project only in portfolio, no need to turn in paper or presentation again)
- 2 museum sketches, 1 page of writing on one of the pieces (all in sketchbook)
- 3 stage photocopy-based collage w/ 1" border on sulfite
- digital collage, 1/2" border on tabloid sized paper, photoshop-based, incorporating documentation of body part project
- text-based collage, 1/2 sheet of sulfite with 1/2" border based on body part documentation using color media.
- Found object assemblage/appropriation project (final project)
- 3 x 1-page exhibition reviews
- 3 x 1-page lecture reviews
- 20 x individual sketches in sketchbook
-- blog updated by the end of the day on December 6th with all of the above
- 2 comments by you on other people's blogs per project (Only projects we had a full critique on)

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FINAL PROJECT! Puns & Proverbs

Per your demands, here is the project description of your final project:

This assignment continues our role as designers and artists seeking to effectively find a balance of compositional traits or, "form" with content. The finished work will be "in-the-round," therefore the form should be equally compelling from multiple vantage points. What is new is our use of "found object" - an object or objects not originally intended as art, removed from their former associations and recontextualized in works of art. In exploring the "found object", we will also be using the process of assemblage, in which a work of art is made from objects originally intended for other uses. Assemblages are the 3D equivalents of collage. Lastly, as a point of departure for content, a short phrase will be used as the basis for developing the visual associations that will communicate your idea. Ultimately, these works will address the German psychological theory known as "The Gestalt Principle," in which the whole (composition or object) is greater than the sum of its parts."

1. To visually represent a series of words to interpretively communicate their meaning.
2. To creatively depict your pun or proverb three-dimensionally effecting real space.
3. To resourcefully create and/or obtain appropriate media to creatively convey your idea.
4. To recall and apply compositional concepts covered, balancing form with content.
5. To convey your idea using a subject that is representational.

1. Size considerations should be appropriate to the form and could range from a work intended for the pedestal or floor.
2.The outcome of the assemblage should be representational in subject and could be functional or non-functional
3. The form must be comprised primarily of the media itself with other structural devices being subordinate.
4. The found state of the media could be altered in color as long as the identity of source is not obscured.


Text-Image Due Monday, November 29th! Final Project due Monday, December 6th!

Hello Class!

While we will be having an open studio day next Monday, November 22nd, there are two major projects left to complete in the semester, not counting your FULLY realized portfolios, blogs (with commentary for each piece), sketchbooks and exhibition/lecture reviews.

As a reminder, here is the remaining class schedule:

11/17 (w): 3-stage collage & digital collage (printed out) critique

11/22 (m): Studio day for text-image drawing & found-object pun/parable sculpture. (everyone must attend AND bring things to work on)


11/29 (m): Text-Image Critique / Studio for found-object sculpture

12/1 (w): Final open studio day

12/6 (m): Found-Object Final Project critique; All blog postings due by end of the day; All 20 free sketches due; Turn-in your hard-copy portfolio with sketchbook; All exhibition & lecture reviews due! It's a big day!

12/8 (w): PREP DAY - NO CLASS

12/13 (m): Final is from 12 - 2pm in the regular classroom. YOU MUST PICK-UP YOUR PORTFOLIO TODAY TO RECEIVE A PASSING GRADE!

Collage Critiques Today!

Bring a color print-out of your digital and 3-stage collages today for a full-period critique. Be ready to talk about your process and conceptual decision making. Looking forward to a lively discussion!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Next Class in the Mac Lab in @ONE

Don't Forget! Monday, November 8th we are meeting in the mac lab within the @ONE in the Knowledge Center (Room 114).

You cannot save on their computers, so be sure to bring a flash drive to store your files. Also, bring whatever photos, digital images, or materials for scanning that you might want to incorporate into your digital collage - due Wednesday, November 17th

Monday, October 11, 2010

This Week: 10/11 & 10/13

Hello Honors Art 100 Students! I hope you had a great Homecoming Weekend!

For Monday (10/11):

Please bring your cardboard body part project in-progress. Today will be a studio day where we additionally discuss the use of color in your project. The completed cardboard structure in color is due Wednesday of this week for critique.

For Wednesday (10/13):

Have your final piece ready for critique. We will again cover photographic documentation, but this time as a Photoshop lesson and introduction to the project following your midterm.

Over the Next Weekend:

1. Document your work.
2. Make short journal entries reflecting on what you learned from the project on your blog.
3. Comment on the 2 people's blogs in relation to this project (above and below your name on the blog list that appears here).
4. Work on your "In The Style Of..." Project, Paper, and Presentation - all due Wednesday, October 20th. Presentations should be no longer than 10 minutes each, and no shorter than 5 minutes - with 3 artists to talk about each, this should be no problem.
5. Monday (10/18) will be another studio day in preparation for the midterm.

Any questions? Do not hesitate to reply or e-mail me directly.

New Office Hours

In order to better serve you all, I've moved my office hours to Monday and Wednesday noon - 1pm (before class), Thursday and Friday by appointment - so let me know if you need specific help on a project!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Be sure to bring your rubber cement, scizzors/cutting device and anatomical reference to today's class, in addition to your finished pen & ink project - it's critique day!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Your Blog Addresses

Please keep your posts current - they are due by the end of the day of that particular critique. You are additionally responsible for commenting on at least 2 other student projects after the critique on their sites. At the end of the semester - this blog will be the digital representation of all you have accomplished in the class - and will be graded as such! Care for it (the site) like you do your own work:

Erin Groom:
Jared Hobson:
Kim L:
Brooke Lynn Mikkelsen:
Kelly Reis:
Chelsea Seelbinder:
Riley Snyder:
Janine Tingson:
Brandy Williams:

If you want to spread the word and get more than just your classmates' comments, that is fine too - this is your space, so make it into what you want to get from it.

This Week & Next

Hey all, an update of all that is due by this point is coming soon, but I thought I would try to set this week's activities up for you now:

Monday is easy: bring projects to work on in class, there are several to choose from and none of you are done yet. You should be working on the following:
- Self-portrait / Gridded distortion project in ink (due Wednesday!)
- Your "In the Style of" project - your third artist pairing is due to me by Wednesday, your paper, presentation and art piece (in the media of your choosing, but style of your 3 artists) are all due on Wednesday, October 20th.
- 20 sketches in your sketchbook
- research on internal body part for recreation

Wednesday: Pen & Ink Critique and the beginning of the next sculpture project.

See you in class!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Welcome! Your 1st Assignments!

Welcome to the Honors Art 100 blog!

I'll try to keep assignments posted here as regularly as possible, but please talk to or e-mail your fellow students for assignments if you miss class.

By this point you must have an 8.5 x 11" sketchbook (or larger) & the following supplies:

- portfolio case

- artist toolbox

- graphite pencils ranging from 6H - HB - 6B

- Hot glue gun with replacement glue sticks

- 1 drawing board with clips

- 1 broad black pen / assortment of different pens

- 1 pair of scizzors

- 1 mat knife (with extra blades) - think box cutter, not exacto knife

- begin saving: string, newspaper, cardboard

In your portfolio and sketchbook, you should have the following assignments:

- 20 different pencil "marks" in your sketchbook

- value scale from 1 - 10 in HB pencil

- 3 color wheels showing a minimum of 6 color separations, 1 each in colored pencil, pastel, and crayon

- Sketchbook blind contour drawings: 2 hands, 2 feet

- 1/2 sheet sulfite blind contour drawings of your neighbor (2)

- 1/2 sheet apple contour drawing (in-class)

- 16 - 20 thumbnails (min. 10 in color) of fruit still lives (2 fruit/veggies - inside/out combo)

On Wednesday, Sept. 1, we have a critique day on:

- Blind contour portrait 18 x 12", graphite drawing on sulfite with a min. of 5 different values, 1 inch border

- Fruit/Veg. Still-life in pencil, full sheet of sulfite paper, 1" border, full-range of value - focus on composition


Wednesday, September 8:

- Please bring your hot glue gun, hot glue, cardboard and ... a natural object that contains/produces another natural object - something you can open and look inside (1 / person)