Wednesday, November 17, 2010

FINAL PROJECT! Puns & Proverbs

Per your demands, here is the project description of your final project:

This assignment continues our role as designers and artists seeking to effectively find a balance of compositional traits or, "form" with content. The finished work will be "in-the-round," therefore the form should be equally compelling from multiple vantage points. What is new is our use of "found object" - an object or objects not originally intended as art, removed from their former associations and recontextualized in works of art. In exploring the "found object", we will also be using the process of assemblage, in which a work of art is made from objects originally intended for other uses. Assemblages are the 3D equivalents of collage. Lastly, as a point of departure for content, a short phrase will be used as the basis for developing the visual associations that will communicate your idea. Ultimately, these works will address the German psychological theory known as "The Gestalt Principle," in which the whole (composition or object) is greater than the sum of its parts."

1. To visually represent a series of words to interpretively communicate their meaning.
2. To creatively depict your pun or proverb three-dimensionally effecting real space.
3. To resourcefully create and/or obtain appropriate media to creatively convey your idea.
4. To recall and apply compositional concepts covered, balancing form with content.
5. To convey your idea using a subject that is representational.

1. Size considerations should be appropriate to the form and could range from a work intended for the pedestal or floor.
2.The outcome of the assemblage should be representational in subject and could be functional or non-functional
3. The form must be comprised primarily of the media itself with other structural devices being subordinate.
4. The found state of the media could be altered in color as long as the identity of source is not obscured.


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