Monday, November 29, 2010

Portfolio checklist!

Here is the list of assignment you will need to turn in next Monday, December 6th, 2010 - this is a list that combines sketchbook assignments as well as full critique assignments:

- blind contour feet (dominant & non-dominant hand)
- blind contour hands (dominant and non-dominant hand)
- 2 x blind contour drawings of neighbors (dominant hand)
- In-class contour drawing of still life
- add 5 shades of value to one blind contour neighbor drawing
- 3 x color wheels (1 in each media)
- 20 x different marks in pencil (sketchbook)
- value scale 1 - 10 in HB pencil (sketchbook)
- 16 - 20 fruit/veggie thumbnails, 10 must be in color
- graphite still life on sulfite, 1" border
- 1st cardboard/hot glue organic object structure project (1-day in class)
- Crayon contour fruit, on sulfite, 1" border
- 3 texture value scales in ink, 1-10 (sketchbook)
- 3 - 4 thumbnails of still life for pen + ink still life
- 1/2 sheet of sulfite, pen + ink still life, 1/2" border
- Gridded & distorted self-portrait in ink on sulfite, 1" border
- sketches & Paper sculpture of body part (small - picture only)
- Enlarged and colored cardboard body part (picture only)
- Midterm In-style of project, Paper, and Presentation (project only in portfolio, no need to turn in paper or presentation again)
- 2 museum sketches, 1 page of writing on one of the pieces (all in sketchbook)
- 3 stage photocopy-based collage w/ 1" border on sulfite
- digital collage, 1/2" border on tabloid sized paper, photoshop-based, incorporating documentation of body part project
- text-based collage, 1/2 sheet of sulfite with 1/2" border based on body part documentation using color media.
- Found object assemblage/appropriation project (final project)
- 3 x 1-page exhibition reviews
- 3 x 1-page lecture reviews
- 20 x individual sketches in sketchbook
-- blog updated by the end of the day on December 6th with all of the above
- 2 comments by you on other people's blogs per project (Only projects we had a full critique on)


  1. I was wondering, if I comment on here, will it count as comments per project? Because coming up with this list was like a project!

  2. funny, but no. good try though!

  3. Dear Jeremy,
    I think you've done a wonderful job compiling this list. As for constructive criticism of your execution, I would recommend using bullet points instead of dashes when making lists in the future. This would be much more aesthetically pleasing, although I can see that you completed our assignment to you with great detail. Your effort does not go unnoticed! This list will be a great addition to your final portfolio.


    P.S. Milkshakes?